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RobRobert Hawke is a man of many talents and disciplines. In addition to being a gifted comedian and musician, he is also a voiceover artist, painter, writer, and playwright whose most recent work (co-created with Michael Cohen), "NormVsCancer: A Terminally Funny One-Man Show," was nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award and has been performed in Prague, San Francisco, New York City and Toronto. Rob also authored "Kicking Cancer's Ass: A Light-Hearted Guide to the Fight of Your Life," which is available online right here. He has also written a great fiction novel, available here! In short: Rob gathers no moss.

GordGord Oxley is a man of many talents and disciplines, such as the power of copying & pasting. He enjoys performing improv around Toronto and beyond, and teaching it for Bad Dog, Black Swan & non-animal-named places too. For 7 years he produced "Comedy on the Danforth," and has taught himself to play guitar well enough to fake his way through several improv shows as a short-term musical accompanist. He's written two collections of crazyfunny short stories, available here and here. He currently writes, teaches, does voice auditions, techs shows, designs posters, and other stuff that actors say they do to sound cool.

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