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Formed in the mid-1990's when Robert Hawke asked Gord Oxley to guest with him on the CIUT-FM Mondays-at-midnight radio show "Channel Zero," Fast & Dirty was soon born, spanning two millennia and creating comedy sketches and songs that covered topics from A to B.

& more. C to Z too, with an especial affinity for "S," as in "Sexy," "Slinky," and "Salacious." They loved a good dirty turn of phrase (still do), they had some successes and some scrapes, just like anybody doing this kind of thing, and they had buckets of fun along the way.

Dialling things forward to the 21st Century with the future at our doorstep, the Fast & Dirty boys still do the occasional set together, do some improv together as a duo or with other good folks, and still collaborate in other non-F&D projects. Now go poke around the site.

Rob and Gord will perpetually toss this guitar around until End of Days.

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